Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mission Accomplished

I'm really proud that the Google APIs client library for .NET had reached GA.
It's something that I worked on in my last year, and I'm so happy that this awesome library is finally GA.

Read more about the GA announcements in the following links:

I recommend all of you to visit our Getting Started page and also OAuth 2.0, Media Upload and Media Download, Batch Requests, Performance Tips, and also the APIs page which includes all the supported Google APIs.

Jay Leno and I, on the day of the announcement, March 2014 :)
As you can see, Jay Leno is a big fan of the library :)

And to be serious again,
I know that I still owe you an EF implementation of IDataStore.
As I'm currently working on another big feature of the client library, I think I'll postpone it for later on. Sorry...


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