Sunday, August 3, 2014

Musical artist events rich list

Exactly 4 weeks have passed since I came back from Brazil!
It was one of the best trip EVER. The world cup was amazing and the atmosphere was so magnificent! Many football (or should I say soccer...) fans from all over the world gathered together in the land of football (Yes, Although the 7-1, Brazil was and it's still the land of football :))

6 games, 15 goals, many games in Copacabana's fan fest, beers and caipirinhas with Brazilians, Hollandians, Germans, Argentinians, and as a matter of fact, with who not :)
Holland(5) - Spain(1), what an amazing game to start with! Salvador, June 2014
Belgium(1) - Russia(0). Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, June 2014 

And back to work...

It's time to update you about my contribution to Google Search. Besides developing the Google APIs client library for .NET, I have been working in the last months on several search features. One of the things that I'm really proud of, is the artist events rich list.
Just "Google" [lada gaga events][christina perri tour][piano guys concerts] and a cool rich list with all upcoming events is going to be displayed, as following:

As you can see, first we display the nearby events; Google already knows that I'm living in NYC, so events that are located close to me are being displayed first, and then all the others, sorted by date.

Take a look in getting your events to the knowledge graph video by my Google fellow, Justin Boyan.

And what about the Google APIs client library for .NET you are asking?
I'm working on targeting Windows 8.1 as well as all the other platforms we already support. Version 1.9.0 is coming soon...



  1. I can't seem to find the documentation for the Google.Apis.YouTubeAnalytics.* namespace.
    Can you provide a link to this?

  2. The .NET documentation for YouTube Analytics is available at:, while the general documentation of this API is available at:

    Good luck!

  3. @Eyal Peleyd: Hi, good evening. I am using your excellent client libraries for my Google Api tasks. Currently, I need to use Domain Shared Contacts Api to add some external/internal shared contacts in my google apps. I don't know how to make REST requests so I am exclusively dependent on your client libraries for my work. plz tell me What Api should I use to create domain shared contacts in my google apps. Google seems to have no documentation for domain shared contacts for .net.

  4. I'm not sure that my client library supports that API (take a look in our APIs page -

    I actually think that we DO NOT support it, so maybe the old GData library could be helpful -


  5. thank you. I am also looking for ways to use service account authentication for old gdata. any help would be highly appreciated.

    best regards,

  6. @Eyal : hi there, I request you to provide me with an example to make direct REST calls to google apis. I can't find an example to make REST calls to google apis directly(without using client libraries). Please don't ignore this message, I know you can easily help me on this regards as you are the creator of Google client libraries. language: C#

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I'm not an expert of the different APIs themselves, but all the REST documentation is available online.

      For example take a look in the calendar api - and its REST operations like this one -

      NOTE: I really recommend you to use the client library because it already handles authorization, media download and upload support, etc.

    2. thanks for replying. Actually I intend to use your Client Library for my all operations as it's safer to use. I just wanted to make a REST Call directly to learn how actually it's working under the hood.

      best regards,

    3. Good luck! Keep me updated.
      Follow our documentation (at, we have been working hard to make the library as easy to use as possible :)